2012 conference
The Second MIT Presidential Election Conference 
October 19, 2012 – MITs Bartos Theater, Cambridge, MA
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Can you imagine that the 2012 presidential election may be the last time the Electoral College determines the outcome?

Did you know that Massachusetts has signed into law the National Popular Vote (NPV) plan ending the Electoral College as it currently exists?

Do you realize that the National Popular Vote plan could force Massachusetts to cast 100% of its votes for the Republican candidate even if the Democratic candidate won overwhelmingly in Massachusetts?

Washington DC
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Register to participate in the Second MIT Election Conference on October 19, 2012, at the MIT Bartos Theater and to attend Nobel Prize-winning economist Eric Maskin’s keynote.

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to be part of the debates with world-recognized election experts.

Please join Dr. John Koza from Stanford University, the originator of the NPV plan, along with Electoral College experts—constitutional lawyers, political scientists, and operations researchers both supporting and opposing this plan—who will gather at MIT to debate whether:

    • the NPV plan is constitutional
    • the NPV plan can help elect better Presidents and make Massachusetts a battleground and
    • there are any alternatives to both the Electoral College system and to the NPV plan that can serve America better.
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